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Churchill Gardens Primary Academy

Churchill Gardens Primary Academy

Academy life

Pastoral care

“Churchill Gardens has a clear and consistent behaviour policy with a focus on choices and rewards.

All staff hold the highest of expectations of our pupils.

The use of the Zones of Regulation across the whole school develops our pupil’s ability to be self-disciplined and make good choices around their own actions and emotions.

Rewards for progress and attainment are given to pupils in order to give extrinsic motivation to develop learning habits, whilst teachers also ensure value is given to pupils who show intrinsic motivation to improve too.”

Inclusion (SEND)

At our academy, we believe in creating inclusive environments that aim to meet the needs of all students.

We want to ensure that our Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) provision offers appropriate support for those facing barriers to their learning.

We provide support within all four broad areas of SEND: 

  • cognition and learning
  • communication and interaction
  • sensory and physical
  • social, emotional and mental health

Our school SENDCO leads on the provision for students with SEND, and Gary Aubin oversees provision for students with SEND across Future Academies, to ensure that it is of the highest standards.