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Churchill Gardens Primary Academy

Churchill Gardens Primary Academy

Academy life

The day begins at 8:55am when the bell is rung in the playground and ends at 3:30pm when children are brought by teachers out into the playground. We offer after-school childcare at Millbank Academy and at Sussex Street Play Project.

Pastoral care

“Churchill Gardens has a clear and consistent behaviour policy with a focus on choices and rewards.

All staff hold the highest of expectations of our pupils.

The use of the Zones of Regulation across the whole school develops our pupil’s ability to be self-disciplined and make good choices around their own actions and emotions.

Rewards for progress and attainment are given to pupils in order to give extrinsic motivation to develop learning habits, whilst teachers also ensure value is given to pupils who show intrinsic motivation to improve too.”


We encourage all our children to eat the healthy, balanced meals that are prepared in the academy. Being well-fed enables pupils to learn well, and ensures they have energy for play times. We publish a menu so that parents and carers can see the range of food on offer. Specific dietary needs are catered for, such as halal meat. 

All children are given a free piece of fresh fruit each day.

The daily cost of lunches is notified in the newsletter, and parents/carers are asked to pay in advance.

Currently, all pupils below seven years of age and Pupil Premium students are entitled to free lunch.

If you believe your child is eligible for free meals, please contact the office. 


Wearing a uniform fosters a sense of community and pride, which is why we take uniform very seriously at Churchill Gardens Primary Academy.

Ultimately, dressing smartly prepares our students for their future careers, and sets them up as ambassadors, giving them a share of the responsibility for its reputation.