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Churchill Gardens Primary Academy

Churchill Gardens Primary Academy


“As the newest member of Churchill Gardens I have been blown away by how welcoming, helpful and friendly everybody has been, children and adults alike.  I am so impressed with the way the school has organised an online lockdown timetable, and how hard the children are working to keep up with their learning.  It will be lovely to meet everybody in real life once we are all at school.” Pat Phillips (Academic Mentor)

“Churchill Gardens Primary Academy, so where do I begin… Memories that date back to the late 1980s as a child, learning in the classrooms,  walking through the corridors, eating in the lunch hall, running in the playgrounds  and it was fantastic.  40 years later my children are learning in the same classrooms, walking though the same corridors, eating in the same lunch hall, running in the same playgrounds  and they say it’s FANTASTIC! From the teachers to the assistants and to all the staff, thank you for exercising your patience, thank you for the guidance you are offering and finally thank you for providing an environment in which the children are able to reach their full potential. Ahmad Benkacem (Parent of a child in Year 4)

“I like playing, building and making stuff every day!” Adam (Nursery) 

“I like to choose books. There are so many books here!” Sarina (Reception) 

“I like playing, learning and the teachers. They are kind.”  Mehdi (Reception)

“At Churchill Gardens, I am proud with myself because I do good writing.” Yearsema (Year 1)

“Churchill Gardens make me excited because I do learning.” Alexander (Year 1)

“I like Churchill Gardens, and it makes me happy because my teacher helps me.” Soumaya (Year 1)

“I like Churchill Gardens because there are great teachers and good friends. My favourite lessons are maths, art, music and P.E. because they are very fun.” Saki (Year 2)

“My favourite lesson is English because I like the books we read.” Sade (Year 2)

“I like Churchill Gardens because I have fun when I study with my teachers and I like to play with my friends.” Mitsuki (Year 2)

“I like going to Churchill Gardens because we do a lot of work. My favourite lesson is History.” Adam (Year 2)

“This pandemic is scary, but everyone is trying hard to help. That includes the school. They still help us learn even though it's tough. My school is the best school in the entire world because the teachers in the school care about our learning. They might struggle with the technology, but they still will try. I want to thank all the staff (chefs, teachers and cleaners) for teaching us and keeping us educated.” Mahira (Year 5)